Health Care System Version 1.0

A Medical System that Connect Doctors, Patients, Researchers,Medical Sponsors and Medical Students with

Health Care System with OpenXC Data Integration

A Multi Dynamic System Technically Built with Ford's OpenXC data to Check Road Driving Conditions, Vehicle Performance and to Connect Doctors, Patients, Researchers,Medical Sponsors and Medical Students with their Families and loved ones all around Indian Metropolis.


This app was powered with a components that allows Patients(any user), Medical Reseachers/Doctors, Medical Sponsors and Medical students to register their details like contact addresses, mobiles nos, course of study, medical qualification and Specialisations for doctors(eg. Dentist, Otologist etc.). All this informations are made available to every users in India.

The apps comes with a components that allows all apps users to share their Medical Updates Informations, Researches, Images and Multi-Media Medical Videos hosted on Youtube that was coded to reflects on the apps system. This has a long way in educating both Urban and Rural India inhabitants coupled with the fact the the app also have a package that allows the apps users to comments and Like or Unlike the Medical Informations or Videos being shared.

The apps components titled "MEDICATIONS & TREATMENTS" which allows Medical Doctors, Physicians to carry out Medical diagnosis and Prescribe drugs to India Patients directly from the apps System. During Drug Prescription, The Doctor must fiiling the Medical ID of the patients whose drug is being prescribed. The Apps System makes a database Json call to ensure that the Patients Medical ID is valid otherwise it will not allow precription until a valid Medical Id is Used.The Apps System will finally sends the precription to the Patients Profile with an alert messages on board.

Your Medical Records & Diagnosis:

is components enable Patients to track the history of all her illness that has been diagonized and whose drug has been prescribed along with the contact information of the Doctor who prescribed the drugs for further Medical Contacts.This Components also allows the Patients to Print her Drug Prescription and then take it to Pharmacy for drugs purchasing.

Uploads and Downloads Medical Books from Lbrary Components enable Medical Experts, Professionals to uploads all their Medical Learning Articles, Materials, Books etc for the purpose of educating both Urban and Rural India Inhabitants Medically. The Uploads must be in a zip format.(Both .doc,.pdf etc can be zipped and then uploads as a single entity). All this books in the Medical Library are made downloadable by every user and patients.

Becomes and Request an Organ Donor:

This is a Components that enable anyone who wants to donates his/her organs for the purpose of helping those in medical needs .The Organs to be donated may includes Kidney, Blood, eyes,liver,heart etc. The essence of this components is to create an avenue where those donors will electronically add what they can donate so that those hospitals/patients who needs them will know how and where to contact them for further communications especially in emergency medical situations. To enrich this Organs Donor Components,the apps system allows the users to send a request to the Organ Donor telling her that they need the organ. The app also allows users to review and comments on the organs being donated.

Create and Manage Medical Research Group:

This components enable Researchers, Clinicians, Medical Scientist, Medical Students to create a medical group and partner with each other for the purpose of achiving their Medical Research Goals. Here you as an Initiator will create a group (eg. HIV/AIDs Researcher Group, Ebola Researchers Group etc.) so that other Medical Researchers who are interested will join the group. Once the group is created,it becomes automatically publish in this apps so that interested Medical Scientist will get on board. Again,

This components will also allow the Research Group Originator to send SMS Message alerts broadcast to all Clinicians, Doctors,Researchers, Medical Students to inform them of newly created Research Group thus admonishing them to join if they want. Each group created will be assigned a 4 digit Auto generated ID for easy tracking and group communications via Chat applications and Geo-SMS Message components. To join the Medical Research group, The User sends a request to the Medical Research Group Initiator who decides whether the user is eligible to join or not.

Research Sponsors Cashless Bank Transactions: This components comes with 3 packages

1: Fund Cashless Account: This Package allows any Medical sponsors to fund her simulated Bank accounts within the app before making any sponsorship.

2: Cashless Bank Transfer: This Package enables Medical Sponsors to transfer cashless money to and from any other Users account via their Cashless Account ID.(NB: Please becareful not to use Medical Id in place of Cashless Bank ID as the 2 are totally different.Secondly make sure that you do not transfer money to your own account ID rather transfer Cashless Money to other users with their Cash Bank Id.)

3: Cashless Account Security(Locking and Unlocking Bank Account): This components secures your cashless bank account from any unauthorized access. This Package enable users lock and Unlock their accounts from unauthorized access. Once the account is locked, no one will be able tamper your account via Reseachers sponsorship and Money Tranfer To make the account active again, you have to unlock it. NB: Once your account is locked, try Medical Sponsorship or try Transfering money to anothe Users account and you will see that its no longer possible because you have locked your account

Become a Medical Research Sponsor:(This Requires Funding your Simulated Cashless Bank accounts within the apps)

This is a components that enable anyone who wants to sponsor a particular Medical Research. In other words, this package enables the sponsor to come up with a Research Projects and then finally make a donations to back up the Medical sponsorship. To Sponsor any Medical Research, the apps requires that you fund your Cashless bank account.(Try funding your account with any amount eg $100,$200 etc). During Sponsorship Funding, the apps checks the Total Balance you have in your Cashless Simulated Bank Account to ensure that its commensurates with the sponsorship. Once the topic is created, The sponsor may choose to broadcast the Projects to all the Medical Researchers via Mobile Phone SMS message alerts. Each Research Sponsorship created will be assigned a 4 digit Auto generated ID for easy tracking and communications. To participates, Users needs to send a message request to the Sponsor.

Learn Diseases, Causes & Treatments:

This components enable Researchers to publish, learn, educate and access various diseases, sicknesses, symptoms, their causes, preventive measures and how to treat them should it occurred. Data submitted here is based on Individual or group Medical Research carried out for a particular sickness or Diseases. For Instance, a Medical Rsearcher can publish an articles on Malaria,Typhoid, Hiv Diseases etc stating its modes of contaminations, causes, effects and how to treat them. All this hourly learning and educating material are made available to all users within the app. To further enrich this particular components, the apps allows users to comments, like or unlike the Medical Research Publications. The app also provides a direct link contacts to the Research Publishers Profiles so that users can contact him/her personally for further Medical conversations via SMS Messages,Chating and Phonecalls all from within the app system.

Medical Questions/Exams:

This components enables Medical Doctors/Experts, Medical Researchers to continually teach and educate Medical Students and other Interested Patients through a learning ability. When a Doctor/Researcher Publishes any Medical articles, reseach works etc, He sends a SMS message broadcast to all her friends(Patients and Medical Students) and all other users in the app regarding the publications.At the end, the Doctors invites all the Medical students and Patients for a Medical Online exam to ensure that they understands what he taughts them. This Medical Online Exams was built with 4 packages

1: Sets Medical Exams:

This components allows Medical Doctors to set Medical Exams within the apps system. Each question will have 4 options and correct answer which must be a number

Nb: For Testing Purposes, all Exams is default to 1 or 3 minutes Exam Setting Method: A = 1, B =2,C=3,D=4. For example if the correct answer to question no 1 is A, then correct answer is 1, if B then correct answer is 2 and so on

2: Take Medical Exams: Allows Patients and Medical Students to test their learning abilities. The exam is timed and if the user was unable to finish before the time, the apps system submits the exams automatically and score the User immediately.

3: View Medical Students Exams Scores(For Medical Examiner Use Only): This components allows the Medical examiner to continually see the Performance and Scores of all her Exam Participants both patients and other Medical Students.

4: Personal Score: Allow Students and Patients to review their own Medical Exam Performance any time any day.

To prevent Exam setting crashing between various Medical Examiner, the apps system was built with a technology that ensures that Exam set by Doctor A is seperated by Exam set by Doctor B and so on.

Medical Discussion/Counseling Room:

This components enables Patients and other users to ask, post and share any medical questions on the apps system forum so as to get reply, response and answers from other users,Medical Professionals and Experts.

Other components includes Chating with online friends, sending of SMS Messages and Medical Appointments Alerts, Sending and recieving of friends request, friends list etc.

Meet Doctor/Book Medical Appointments:

This components enable users to meet doctors of her choice for Medical appointment booking, Message contacts via SMS, Chating and Phone Call to the Doctors all from the app system.

Friends List Developers API:

To continually ensure that this app gets broadcasted throughout India, This apps comes with a components that allow Apps Developers to connect to the app via an API to pull informations to their various websites. At this point, this API allow Users, Programmers, Developers to pull their friends list from the Health Care System to their site using this examplify API below

API example: http://Example/jsonAPI/API.C?id=78470089

Find Doctors by Specialisation:

This Advance Search Engine enable that Users and Patients to Search, locate and Connect to any Medical Doctor, Physicians etc in India based on their Medical Professions & Qualifications(Eg. Dentist,Occulist, Surgeon etc.).

Search People & Places:

This componets enable anyone to Search, locate and Connect to anybody within the apps be him a Medical Doctor, Physicians, Medical Sponsors, Patients etc. To perform this Search, Users are advice to search via Medical Id, Username and Phone Numbers etc.

Emergency Message Broadcast:

This components comes with 2 pre-built packages with different technological approach

1: SMS Message Broadcast:(This SMS Message is Cost Effective but will broadcast SMS alerts directly to users mobile phones)

This is a message component,that enable the Indian Medical Experts to send SMS Message Broadcast to and across all the app users Mobile Phones in india just at a click of button. This components is best suited for Emergency Messages Broadcast. For Instance, as incase of EBOLA MENANCE, the indian Medical Experts/Governments can send a message broadcast to inform all indians about this deadly disease called Ebola.

The apps propagates the message via SMS PROTOCOLS with vibration alerts to millions of indians mobile phones just at one sending............

2: Profile Messages(Alternative Message Broadcast which does not require money or SMS PROTOCOLS for message broadcasting):

This is a message component,that enable the Indian Medical Experts to send Message Broadcast to and across all the users apps Profiles just at a click of button. Users can only see this messages when they login into the apps

Unlike SMS Messages Broadcast, this components is also best suited for Emergency Messages Broadcast in the events of medical needs.

The apps propagates the message via APPS DATABASE to send the messages to millions of Indians apps profile in just one sending............ Another good thing about this components is that it does not cost money unlike the SMS counter parts. This because the message sending relies on APPS Database Message Broadcasting Technology.

OpenXC Data Integrations

OpenXC Vehicle Data Performance: this components utilizes OpenXC Data visualisation to check Roads and Vehicle conditions, vehicle Performance at any given time by leveraging OpenXC Longitude & Latitudes, Vehicle Fuel Level,Accelerator Pedal Positions, Steering Wheel Angle, Vehicle Speed etc. By default most OpenXC data values are in KM so I converted some to Miles and change OpenXC Timestamp to to a readable time format to ensure high precision for Vehicle Monitoring and Performance. OpenXC Vehicle Google Mapping and automatic Vehicle Graphical Performance were coded by carring out OPENXC data extraction via a new form ipnut to get OpenXC JSON data straight to the apps database.

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