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Pregnancy Infant Cohort Monitoring Evaluation (PICME)

I read this http://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/handle/2027.42/90878/Masters?sequence=1. I got to know that in Tamil nadu having Pregnancy Infant Cohort Monitoring Evaluation (PICME) system to monitor each pregnant woman and also in that document mentioned about they are building mobile version (iPICME).
1. is it possible to know about iPICME? & did they build mobile version?
2. what is the difference between PICME & MOTECH.
3. is it possible to get login credentials for http://picme.tn.nic.in/ , to get know what are information they are uploading?

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    Hi venkatachalam,

    Sorry for the delay in our reply. Please find answers to your questions below.

    1. iPICME is a mobile app was built by SUMMUR’s university partner IIT Madras. It was a proof-of-concept application for prenatal health care that was piloted in the Kalavarayan Hills area.  Unfortunately, is is not a publicly available resource.

    2. PICME is a database for prenatal health monitoring developed by Dept. of Public Health. MOTECH, on the other hand, is an open-source mobile health platform that has been developed and used by many NGOs. It is publicly available to anybody under BSD license.

    3. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a PICME login at this time.


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